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Jerel Benjamin


Business Consulting



Jerel Benjamin continues to be at the top of the International Consulting Industry for several reasons. Not only does he have years of experience under his belt from forming multiple companies of his own and making them incredibly successful, but he also has a natural ability to uplift and inspire others through systematically identifying and correcting internal company inefficiencies at the same time. Business leaders who have followed his methodologies have all seen their profit margins increase, and their workforce become a more cohesive unit. Strategic organization and business leadership are two of Jerel’s strong suits when it comes to holding training seminars and consulting. 

Over the past 25 years, Jerel Benjamin has founded and operated nine corporations as the CEO. His hands-on experience in business is the main ingredient behind his knowledge, empathy, and understanding of navigating the rough waters of operating a successful business, including surviving periods of explosive growth and steep pitfalls. Jerel has personally assisted hundreds of companies in gaining hundreds of millions in profits. Two of his clients have gone on to receive Business of the Year awards in their respective countries. 

As a public speaker, Jerel focuses his lectures on empowerment and leadership, with an emphasis on topics such as understanding one’s client regardless of the industry. Other areas he covers include mastering non-verbal communication with all levels of staff and mastering the art of time management. He also gives lectures on how to scale business growth to sustainable levels for the long-term and how to properly systemize tasks and accountability, while also empowering sales teams for success. He even includes valuable pointers on the hiring process itself, making sure organizations surround themselves with the very best team possible. 

After high school, Jerel opted for a degree in English and a minor in Communications from the University of Wisconsin. After graduation, he founded WCI, Inc, a tile and remodeling company for commercial and residential buildings. As President for over a decade, he learned valuable lessons about how to run a corporation successfully.

As an Elite Business Mastery Coach for Chet Holmes International, Jerel Benjamin traveled the globe visiting companies and educating business leaders. He founded Leadership Gold, Inc and later merged it with his other company, Profit Gold Group, Inc. Together, these two companies formed a union that continues to help businesses avoid the most common causes that result in the closure of 95% of American companies within the first five years. Not only that, but Jerel also found ways to help his clients double their profitability. 

Jerel Benjamin continues to be an accomplished and well-respected public speaker who travels throughout the US and abroad. He speaks English, Dutch, and Spanish, which enables him to communicate with a much broader clientele. His lecture topics focus on leadership and strategic implementation of action items that will bring success to both big and small businesses around the world.

Praise for Jerel Benjamin


M. Gleason – Lee/Murphy Law Firm – Houston, TX.

“You have revolutionized this organization and made it into a well-oiled machine over the past nine months. We value our relationship with you and look forward to working with you in the year come…. Cheers to a productive year! Thank you for all that you do.”

D. Lorenz – Joe Knows Energy, LLC. – Columbus, OH.

“As President of Joe Knows Energy, LLC. I have known Jerel Benjamin for a year now. In that time, I have been very impressed with the service he has provided to me and our Director. The consistency of the service and quality of his work is very high. His business ownership experience assisted us in foreseeing the growth we would encounter with having a new business model that would be seen as and advantage in the market. Overall, I want to complement Jerel for his consistency, quality of work and contribution to our organization, and say that I would recommend his services to other organizations.”

MMI Partnerships – St. Louis, MO.

“I’ve had and known many coaches/consultants, but you are by far the best I’ve ever seen or had in my organization. We must say, that over the past seven months, it has been beyond obvious that you care as much about our success as we do. We appreciate that and are being sincere in our informing you of this.”

Outstanding and Notable Skills and Strengths

  • Business Optimization
  • Leadership Training/Development
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Coaching
  • Strategic Planning



University of Wisconsin – Parkside Campus | Kenosha, WI
Bachelor of Arts in English
Major: English
Minor: Communications

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